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We held the 1st NNL-IIS workshop on nanotechnology on 16th of May and the signing ceremony of protocol on joint research between national nanotechnology laboratory of INFM/CNR and IIS, Univ. of Tokyo on 17th of May.

National Nanotechnology Laboratory of INFM/CNR, Italy of the one party, and Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo, Japan, of the one party, have declared that, in order to enhance their research and other academic activities, the two parties have confirmed to cooperate in fields of Nanotechnology and thereby make this joint research agreement.


Nanoelectronics Collaborative Research Center (NCRC) has joined the IIS (Institute of Industrial Science) Global Networking Initiative project. The objective is to take initiative in research in the world and to create highly fascinating research fields. Striving toward this objective, the project will establish a supporting system for international research networks connecting the IIS and the world, and will promote solid and integrated collaborative research.

NCRC promotes collaborative researches on nano-information technology with an Italian research institute, based on the joint declaration of the Japan-Italy Scientific technology cooperation (November 2004).

The project is performed in the Institute of Industrial Science (IIS) of the University of Tokyo. In the institute laboratories with similar research fields spontaneously collaborate, which often leads to the establishment of collaborative research centers. These centers are the nuclei of world-wide collaborative research, and have promoted the IIS Global Networking Initiative project since 2005 to collaborate with research organizations in the world. Currently, the project is jointly promoted by six centers:

Overseas research bases have already been established in Paris and Bangkok.

Collaborative partner

Our collaborative partner is NNL (NATIONAL NANOTECHNOLOGY LABORATORY) which is a cross-disciplinar nanotechnology facility in Italy for nanometer scale research and technology. The Nanotechnology Research Group operating at the University of Lecce (Dept. Ingegneria dell' Innovazione) was founded in 2001, sponsored by the National Institute for the Physics of Matter (INFM) and by the local Faculty of Engineering.

The center consists of about 170 people, including physicists, chemists, engineers and biologists.The activity will be complemented by the proximity X-ray lithography Beam line (LILIT) at the Synchrotron facility of Trieste.The target of the center is the exploration and development of new concepts and new nano-systems exploiting either the bottom-up (self assembling and molecular engineering for hybrid organic/inorganic systems and mesoscopic systems) or the top-down approaches (ultimate resolution nanotechnologies applied to semiconductor nanostructures) in the same mainframe.


Contact Information

Toshi Nakaoka, Tetsutaro Yukutake